Personal Fittings:
For those of you who may not know, I am no longer in Austin.  I have returned to CT and have a new studio set up in Danbury.  If you would like a private fitting, please call or email me for a time and I will give you directions.  Private fittings do not require you to bring a study mold, but it is IMPERATIVE that you bring your mouth…..

Mail Order:
Mail order cut off will be october 15.  I cannot guarantee delivery for any orders received after that due to the high volume of orders the season usually generates.  Some exceptions can be made, but costs may be higher.  To that note, any orders received as of September 1 MUST include a rush charge of $10 per pair and include overnight return shipping.

Fang Tour:
My short list for cities has been established, and I will be on the road from mid October on.  I plan to visit Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix this season.  As an added bonus, I am making the following Halloween offer:  If you can get enough people to purchase a total of 10 pair of teeth, you get a free pair of fangs.  Deposits will be required by October 1 to confirm your appointment time.  Walk-ins may face a surcharge.