LADIES AND GENTLEMEN……. it’s time for the TS SALE…….


this is the FINAL sale of 2015 as i will be on the road from late june through the end of the year.  if you want fangs this year, this is the sale for you.

mail order or home studio appointments: $100 per pair (25 dollar savings)
Fang Tour Domestic appointments: $130 per pair (30 dollar savings)
Fang Tour International appointments: $160 per pair (20 dollar savings)

these offers expire on sunday, june 14, and are ONLY available to members of the d-list. you can join by signing here.

this is a PRE PAID sale for FUTURE appointments / mail order. these funds are used to buy tickets and cover other expenses to make Fang Tour work. you may redeem your fangs at ANY time in the future; this deal will not expire.

that’s it.  just email me at dnash@dnash.com to make your booking or place your order. 40 pairs of fangs. huge discounts. this is a race. GO.