private appointments

I am available for one on one fittings in three different ways.


The first is the most simple.  Call or email me for a private appointment.  I’m generally very available.  Custom Fangs and teeth take about 45 minutes per pair to make, and I book accordingly.   I am located in southern Connecticut, just a hop skip and a jump from most of New England.  If you are 200 miles or less from me, I suggest you come to me for a personal appointment rather than a mail order.  Besides, I always prefer to meet the commissioners of my art personally.


The second is to book an appointment at a location I will be visiting.  These include tattoo parlors, alternative clothing shops,  conventions, etc.  All of these appearances are listed on my FANG TOUR page, and while I will accept walk-ins for some of these events it’s still always best to speak with me beforehand to arrange a time.   This goes double if you’re looking for a multiple pair set.


Finally, I CAN travel to you, but I need a guaranteed number of pairs, and there are travel costs.   This option works best if you’d like to have a fang party or you’re running a LARP event.