custom fangs price listall funds in US dollars unless otherwise specified.  paypal charges apply.

Custom Fang Personal Fittings – Home studio

$200 1st pair, $150 each additional pair – Please note that the price is per PAIR, not per set.  A pair includes 2 fangs total.  Click here for a breakdown of numbers of pairs pet SET, as the final cost will reflect a multiple of the per pair price. 

Custom Fang Personal Fittings – Fang Tour (deposits required for set appointment time)

Price per pair in USD for Fang Tour appointments by region:
$225 (1sr pair), 200 (each additional)
INTERNATIONAL (OZ-EU) $250 (1sr pair), 200 (each additional)
group discounts available, but must be purchased together.

Deposits or pre-payment guarantees a specific time slot on a specific date.  You may change your appointment time after booking, providing there are alternative slots are available.  Pre-payment may be canceled within 48 hours of purchase, but no less than 48 hours before your appointment time for a full refund (minus pay pal fees).  Cancellations after 48 hours of purchase or within 48 hours of your appointment time will result in loss of your deposit.

Please call or email me for more booking info.


Mail Order – World Wide
– price does not include shipping and handling.  rush fees may apply.

$150 (per PAIR) USD – prepaid in full via pay pal, cheque, or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH.

– All money orders and cheques must carry an 11 digit, US routing number.  please alert the issuing bank or service of this to avoid incurring excess bank fees.

– All Paypal payments are subject to a 5% processing fee.



Shipping and handling – United States

$20.00 – 2-3 day USPS priority shipping. (Please add $5.00 if you would like your molds returned to you)
$40.00 – USPS express overnight mail. (includes insurance up to $500) (Please add $10.00 if you would like your molds returned to you)
$10.00 – Insurance up to $500

Shipping and handling – International

$50.00 – USPS air mail.
$70.00 – 5-7 day USPS global priority.
$120.00 – 1-3 day USPS global express.


Rush Orders – Worldwide: $50.00 – per pair
your order is made by hand, and in some cases may take some time depending on my schedule.  you should allow 6-8 weeks under most circumstances for mail order.
sometimes, however, the need for my products is more urgent.  in those cases, i offer a rush option.  this option is  required on any order that is placed within 8 weeks of halloween for a guarantee of pre-halloween delivery.


Fang Options 
Additional features for your already custom fangs….
Please note: If you plan to add any of these features on a fang tour appointment, I must know in advance to insure I have all of the neccisary materials on hand.

Custom shapes such as ridges, curves, serration, etc. add $20.00 per pair
Glow in the dark
Call for available colors. add $20.00 per pair
Color Tint
Red, violet, blue, yellow, green, or black. add $20.00 per pair
Tie Dyed
Please call to discuss options add $40.00 per pair
Inlays You supply the inlay. Please call to discuss options. Prices start at $20.00 per fang.

Styles to pairs reference

1 Pair

Traditional Vampire / Vampyre, Lateral Incisors, Bottom Canines, Bottom Lateral Incisors, Nosferathu, DL and Super DL Fangs.

2 Pairs

Wolf, Super DL Wolf, Underworld, Brooklyn, Lost Tribe.

3 Pairs

Interview, Dnash, Angelus, Rogue, Alien Warrior.

4 Pairs

Bowery, Saint Peter, The Thirst, Growler, Predator, Incubus.

5 Pairs

Saint Peter Deluxe, Faust, Ripper.

6 Pairs

Ripper Deluxe