Welcome to My World: DNASH

January 23, 2006

So here I am sitting in the world of dnash (friends can call him ‘nash’) on a Monday night at around 9:00 p.m. in his dimly lit apartment, surrounded by equipment, a bachelor pad decorated in true musician fashion – from celebrated album covers which double as wallpaper to musical instruments hanging as décor. The phone begins to ring off the hook and it takes us a while to settle in to our “interview”.

If I had to describe this dude in one word, it would be ‘genius.’ At 33, this gifted musician has lived quite a life – growing up overseas, spending his childhood in Europe, and began to play the drums at the age of 2. At age 6, he knew he was destined to be a drummer and with the exception of a few sporadic drum lessons and a summer at National Music Camp, “where he played Dungeons & Dragons and majored in Pizza”, he is self taught. dnash lived in Indonesia during his early teen years where he got his hands on his first four albums – a pirated version of Queens Greatest Hits, Kiss Unmasked, Meet the Beatles and an Elvis album. His family then moved back to the States, and settled in the quaint town of Weston where he attended Weston High School. Having been bit by the music bug and vagabond roots running through his bloodstream, dnash left school and traveled to Alaska, Canada and Los Angeles trying to put together a band and somewhere along his travels, made his way back to Connecticut.

Recently back from touring the mid-west in the fall, dnash is a busy guy and is involved in several projects; playing drums in a local blues-based band, Hybrid Blue; promoting himself as a solo performer; playing guitar in The Doug Wahlberg Band; and playing drums for Freewill, a Rush tribute band.

With his roots in writing, he has arranged and written lyrics while also playing drums, keyboards, guitar and bass. During his career in music, he has fought his way in and, more often, OUT of bands hoping for “an equal right in a band”. He doesn’t want to be told “just play the drums.” We talked a bit about where the current state of the music scene is right now in the U.S. and he feels that “if CBGB’s leaves New York, the East Coast doesn’t have a chance.” dnash “is still searching out the brass ring” and it’s discouraging to him that “a lot of musicians in our area don’t really have as much of an interest in making it as they say they do.”

There is also a full length CD in the works, a demo of which I have had the privilege of hearing. dnash has complete musical control and his outstanding ability has allowed him to write, record, and produce all of the songs on the CD as well as playing all of the instruments.

Currently, dnash feels as though he “has fallen back into writing during the last few weeks” and has a screenplay in the works for a rock opera.

Consequently, this self-proclaimed, “jack of all trades” is also a world renowned fang maker. Yes, that’s right folks, on top of playing virtually every instrument known to man, he makes fangs, and has a national as well as international following. dnash began his fang making while living in Vancouver in 1994 during the whole “Interview With The Vampire” explosion. dnash recently finished work on a film project, Soul’s Midnight, making fangs for Armand Assante and the rest of the cast. The soundtrack will also include some of dnash’s original music.

You can next catch dnash playing with The Doug Wahlberg Band on February 3 at Ziggy’s in Fairfield and February 17 at The Georgetown Saloon.

dnash is about to embark on his Fang Tour 2006 in Europe and for all of you fellow vampires, he will be doing fangs at the Melbourne Tattoo Convention in Australia on May 5th.

For more information, check out his website: www.dnash.com


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