fang tourFANG TOUR 2015 is in full swing and I am taking appointments right up until halloween.  I am available at my home studio anytime not listed on my travel schedule.

To book a CONFIRMED date on FANG TOUR, please send me an email with the words “Fang Appointment” in the subject line followed by the name of your chosen city or location.   Then write your name, desired style, and best contact information in the body.  I will contact you with times and locations.  It would be a good idea to contact the shop location (if available) as well.  in some cases, a deposit may be required.  Please view the rules of the road for details.

To suggest a city to be included on FANG TOUR, please send me an email.


 1.     As with all of my work, I am available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY,  even if it’s only to confirm my availability, time, or location.  I cannot guarantee my availability without confirmation first.

2.     For non-event or convention trips (all private appointments), you may be asked for a deposit.   Deposits can be made via PayPal.  If you are getting fangs in a sponsored location, you may leave a cash deposit with them.  Deposit amounts are based on the style of fangs desired.

3.     All trips have a cutoff date for deposits. No deposits are cashed before this date.  If this date passes and not enough people have produced deposits, the trip may be canceled.  In this case, all deposits will be returned immediatly.

4.     These deposits are a down payment on your fangs.  They fund the trip and insure that I can cover my expenses.  Once the cutoff date has been reached and the trip confirmed, these funds are non-refundable and the trip is on.  You may cancel anytime up until the cutoff date.  Once the cutoff date has passed, you may still change the time of your appointment with 24 hours notice if there is another available spot.  However, if you miss your appointment the deposit is lost.