repairs and warranty

As a general rule, I do not warranty my fangs for one simple reason; once they leave my hands I cannot ever be sure how they are used.  I have seen people bite through beer cans with them with (usually) great success, but accidents happen.  If you don’t follow the Fang Care Guide properly, you may drastically shorten the life of your fangs.

The good thing is virtually EVERYTHING is fixable.  One of the reasons I primarily use the single cap approach is that it’s a breeze to repair or replace a single tooth in a set rather than try to put a bridge or overlay back to pristine fitting condition.  Please remember to KEEP ALL OF THE PIECES of your broken fang as they will be used in the repair.

Repairs usually cost half the going rate of an individual fang, but if you are missing pieces it could be more.  Very rarely is a fang so far beyond repair that it needs to be replaced.

Touch ups, such as rebuffing a fang to remove surface dings or staining, or basic resharpening costs $10 a pair.

Please note, I do not generally repair or refit fangs made by someone else.  This is due to a number of factors, the most important being the types of acrylics I use.  Not all dental acrylics are compatible with each other and my custom coloring tends to resemble natural teeth more than many stock colors others use.  This process is only considered on an individual basis.

However, if you are not happy with the aesthetic results you achieved with anybody else’s work, I am happy to re-shape your existing fangs for a nominal price.