problem teeth

Everybody wants a perfect smile.  If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be here wold I.   Unfortunately, not everybody has the equipment required for me to do my job in regular fashion.  Lucky for all of you I’m a professional!  Wether you are looking for one of my regular styles or you just want to spruce up for the old Christmas family photo, Teeth By Dnash is here to cater to your every need.  Well, orally anyway. Ok, on with it then…….

Missing Teeth

Adding Fangs

Missing Teeth 1 before A

My friend Mike Dexter was the first person i ever replaced a tooth for.  In fact, he was the first to get the Rouge style.  He was missing a lateral incisor and asked if there was anything i could do do make a fang for his missing tooth.  The result was a bridged pair with a lateral incisor fused to the canine behind it.



Missing Teeth 1 after A Missing Teeth 1 after B Missing Teeth 1 bridge A

Adding Regular TeethMissing Teeth 2 before

I cannot imagine what it’s like to deal with this kind of situation, but my heart breaks for anybody who’s in the position of feeling like smiling can hurt your chances at happiness.  With the rising costs of medical coverage and services worldwide, I am happy to give people at least a TEMPORARY solution to missing teeth.  By temporary I mean that nothing I create will replace the functions of a properly made partial or denture, and one should be actively pursuing proper medical or dental attention for a permanent fix.


Missing Teeth 2 during Missing Teeth 2 after 1 Missing Teeth 2 after 2


Ingrown Teeth

Baby Teeth

Missing Teeth 2 before

This was my the first attempt at actually making a “normal” looking tooth.  Way back in 1997, I was at a fetish event making fangs and the piercer who was st up next to me asked of there was anything I could do to fix his smile troubles.  He was the perfect candidate because while two of his adult teeth had never grown in, the spaces between his teeth had not closed leaving space for natural sized caps to be introduced.  We agreed on a trade; two caps for two genital piercings, and we did both live, onstage.  Oh the 90’s


Missing Teeth 2 after A Missing Teeth 2 after B

Crooked Teeth and Maloclusion

This is the most common problem I run into.  A lot of people assume they cannot wear fangs because they have crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw, or a host of other concerns.  I admit there are times I suggest a style that may be more comfortable and/or compliment the wearer more so than a style they really wanted (see the Bottom Canine Fangs style), but whatever the case may be, no one is beyond help here at Teeth By Dnash.




Other Problems

Chipped or Broken TeethBroken Teeth 01 before

Well, things happen don’t they?  Your favorite bottle opener goes missing, that glass porch door was so clean it was invisible, etc.  It’s generally a little harder to attempt to cap HALF of a tooth than the whole thing, but in this case it was a compromise.  I suppose I’m lucky that there were enough other imperfections in this particular mouth to camouflage the end result.  This was one of those Christmas card requests i mentioned before.


Broken Teeth 01 after normal Broken Teeth 01 after fangs

Meth Mouth

OK, here’s a situation that there’s simply no excuse for.  Drugs are one thing, but not taking care of your natural teeth is an absolute crime, not to mention life threatening.  In this particular case my client had just landed a very good IT job and was being placed as a department manager.  It was going to be several months before his insurance kicked in but he was very self conscious about the state of his teeth, a result of his drug use in earlier life.  I agreed to help give him a more professional smile under the condition that the FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS to be addressed when his insurance kicked in was his mouth.  At the end of the day, nothing replaces regular brushing and flossing.


NOBODY wants to end up like this, and getting high is not worth losing your mouth.  EVER!!!!

The Saddest part of the story, for me anyway, is that this guy had not smiled in YEARS.  he was barely able to for the first 30 minutes he had his caps in because he had virtually trained himself not to. That was over after an hour though.  In fact, he became a completely different person, bouncing off the walls with smiles and giggles.  And all meth free……. High on Teeth By Dnash.  I like that.