other sfx teeth

TusksSFX Tusks

SOOOO, after a few years of waiting, I FINALLY managed to scrounge up some pictures of Tusks.  Please bear in mind that tusks have a lot of options.  This set is the only one I have pics for, but I will be posting more soon.  Until then, feel free to email me with any questions.



Alien WarriorAlien Warrior SFX Teeth

This is a really fun style.  Based on the Klingon warrior teeth in Star Trek, this set was first commissioned by a friend of mine in Denver.   He brought over some pictures and we got to work.  So far, everybody he’s shown them to has loved them, and apparently they’ve gone over very well at the Trek con’s he’s been to.
Once again, boldly going where few fang makers have gone before……….