custom fang styles

Traditional Vampire / Vampire Fangs

Traditional Vampyre / Vampire Fangs in Medium length Nothing says bloodsucker like a set of canine fangs, and the traditional vampire style speaks volumes for the lifestyle vamp to the casual LARPer alike. As with all of the styles on this page, the Traditional Vampire / Vampyre Fangs set is available in any length for the same price. My goal has always been to provide the MOST REALISTIC FANGS AVAILABLE, NO EXCEPTIONS. Be prepared to receive compliments not along the lines of, “Hey, where’d you get your fangs?”, But more like, “Hey, here’s my dentist’s #, I think he can help”. This set is the perfect starter kit for vamps and lupes alike, and like all of my sets, ready to upgrade when you are.

Traditional Vampyre / Vampire Fangs in Long length Traditional Vampyre / Vampire Fangs in Short length


Lateral Incisor FangsLateral Incisor Fangs in Medium length

Another of my favorite sets, the Lateral Incisor fangs are more obvious than their canine counterparts. They also tend to be a little more useful for a playful nip here and there, being closer to the front of the mouth. I recommend this set for people who have a mouth structure that is thinner than usual. in mouths such as those, canines can become obscured by the teeth in front of them. Lateral Incisors are also more in demand by female clients as they tend to appear more feline and feminine; more delicate in structure yet NO less effective. These are the style of fangs featured in the “True Blood” series.

Lateral Incisor Fangs in Short length


Bottom Canine FangsBottom Canine Fangs in Long Length

This was Houston’s mouth. Houston’s mouth was scary. I decided to make it scarier. In one of those moments of creative initiative, not to mention simple laziness, I figured it would make the most sense to capitalize on his severe under bite and prove that bulldogs can be beautiful too. He was actually able to get full closure with this set. As you can see by his bite, a set of top teeth is an almost impossibility, but those who ask shall receive and I am particularly proud of this set.


Bottom Lateral Incisor FangsBottom Lateral Fangs in Long Length

This was one of Houston’s friends. Neither he nor his mouth was as scary as Houston, but it was close enough for me to recommend a similar solution to the under bite problem. This set also looks great with a pair of canines behind them.



Bottom Lateral Fangs in Medium Length


Wolf / Werewolf Fangs

The wolf style is the second most popular set I make. The logical upgrade from the Traditional set, it adds the bottom canines to create a snarl that’ll turn your neighborhood pit bull into a poodle. It’s a favorite among LARPers who don’t want to be limited to vampire roles, as well as the common folk who like to show their “wild” side in unsettling ways. This is one of my favorite sets because I often feel more in tune with Lupes and Cats than the undead. Go figure. this set is also easily upgradable to many of my other styles, including my namesake set, the Dnash Classic.

If only for it’s simplicity, I think this set is beautiful.

Wolf Fangs in Long Length


DL FangsTraditional Vampyre / Vampire Fangs in Super DL length

Sometimes you want a low profile, and DL style teeth are just that.  Located on the first bicuspids, DL teeth are shorter, less noticeable, but no less deadly.  These teeth are also available in SUPER DL on the second bicuspids, one MORE  back for the ultimate in stealth.  An added bonus of fangs on bicuspids is the occlusal surface that gives you a yummy, closed mouth feeling.


Wolf Fangs in Super DL Length


UnderworldUnderworld in Medium Length

Another of my best selling styles, Underworld is one of my favorites to make. In my humble opinion, it was the last great vampire story told before “sparkles” brought it all down…..

underworld is a copyright © of columbia tristar films.


Underworld Fangs In Medium Length


BrooklynBrooklyn Fangs in Long Length

There are several theories to the origin of this set, all of which are right. The two most common ones are the similarity to the set worn by Eddie Murphy for the majority of the movie of the same name, and the simple fact that MOST of my customers FROM brooklyn seem to ask for this set. I dunno, must be something in the water.

By the same token, almost everybody from Stamford, Connecticut ends up getting the Lost Tribe style. Vamps of a feather flock together, and a better set I can’t imagine for a night out with kith and kin.

This style is also used in the “Interview” sequel, “Queen of the Damned”, and when worn short are very similar to the style worn by Wesley Snipes in “Blade”.

Brooklyn Fangs in Medium Length


InterviewInterview Fangs in Attack LengthInterview Fangs in Normal Length

This set is based on the lengths and styles of the fangs seen in Anne Rice’s venerable “Interview With the Vampire”.

It comes in two varieties; ”Normal” and “Attack”. The “Normal” style is featured predominantly in the film as shows just a “glimpse” of fang when having a conversation, while the “Attack” style is featured during feeding scenes. Both include three pairs of teeth on top, not two as commonly believed. It seemed fitting to make both styles available, depending on the wearer’s preference of shock value. An added bonus of this/these set(s) is that if one is willing to forgoe the subtle difference in the lengths of the lateral incisors and bicuspids between the “Attack” and “Normal” lengths, one could buy one set and a longer or shorter set of canines and mix and match at will.

One last thing to mention about this set is the added comfort of the bicuspids giving the wearer the feeling of a completely closed mouth making these among the most comfortable available.

interview with the vampire is a copyright of anne rice.

Interview Fangs in Attack Length Interview Fangs in Normal Length


Lost Tribe

Ok, I stole the design concept and half the name from MY favorite vamp flick, “The Lost Boys, but hey, whatever works.  This set was the original inspiration for the Dnash set, but just in a “cab forward” style and minus the bottoms.  Longer laterals than canines, this double set is very in your face.   This has been one of my most popular styles to date.


AngelusAngelus in Medium Length

The angelus style is based of course on the popular tv show. At the time I was making them I was unaware that the lateral teeth in the show had a crescent type fang as well, but the client, David Lewis was very happy anyway as he loved the Brooklyn style as much.

I classify these as mediums, for I’ve done several other sets with much longer canines and proper laterals, and somehow never a camera!!! David liked this length, and as always, I aim to please………


NospherathuNosferathu Fangs in Long Length

I think this pair speaks for itself. Simply put, classic. Nosferatu was the man, and he didn’t bother hiding what he was. My kudos to any brave soul willing to sport these. They embody the true soul of the vampire.


Dnash Classic StyleDnash Classic Style Fangs in Long Length

I’ve always been asked a lot of questions about this set; it’s a very effective and comfortable set and it ended up being my trademark because it’s all I wore for years. Well, not ALL, but you get my point. I always loved the Lost Boy’s teeth; a longer fang set on the lateral incisors, and shorter canines behind, but I didn’t like the fact that they were hard to conceal. To fix the problem, I moved the set back a notch and capped the bicuspids. As with all bicuspid sets, this adds to the comfort level because the bicuspids have an opposing or occlusal surface. To make a long story short, it gives the wearer a feeling of a completely closed mouth and ultimately reduces the long term strain that can result from wearing a single set for too long.

I added a bottom set because I love the wolf style. I’m less inclined to call myself vampiric, opting instead for my more natural lupine or animalistic nature. This has also become a favorite style for long time clients, and I always blush when people inquire about it.

Dnash Classic Style Fangs in Short Length


Dnash Signature Style


but a sample is in the site header, centre pair….


Saint PeterSaint Peter in Long Length

Ahh, Saint Peter. Kids are great, especially when they aren’t your own. Not to say Saint wasn’t partially my creation, but he was a piece of work before I ever met him. Always trying to out do his “daddy”, he took my trademark set and added a set of bottom bicuspids, and later a set of laterals (the deluxe set). There’s nothing like seeing a tall, blonde boy dancing in a smoky club, alone in a three piece suit, walking up and introducing oneself (or just jumping him if you’re a girl), and being greeted with a kind, warm smile like the one you see above. what a pisser.

I doubt very much that this will be the last namesake set from Saint, but for now, it remains a very popular style.


Saint Peter DeluxeSaint Peter Deluxe in Long Length

And just when you think they’re done, they keep growing. Saint added Laterals to complete his Interview kid and earned a “deluxe” seal of approval. This style actually became more popular than the original.



Faust NEWFaust Fangs in Long Length

…..And then they multiply. And get jealous. My other kid Frederick, not to be outdone by Saint wanted his very own set. Because he was a New York City regular, he chose to combine the Bowery style with the Interview style to create a look that I was happy to call Faust, his long time moniker.



RogueRogue Fangs in Long Length

In loving memory of Michael Dexter……. x-mas 1999

“Hail Odin” was the greeting I first received from my bro’ Mike Dexter in Boston. He wanted the Brooklyn set, but added the bottoms for some extra spice. basically the brooklyn set in wolves clothing, mike embodied the true animal in all of us.

”Heilsa” right back at you, bro. I couldn’t name this set after a cooler in peace.


IncubusIncubus in Long Length

This is an example of what an over active imagination coupled with too much time and money on one’s hands will get you. My friend Pete worked at Sin On Skin Tattoo in Tiverton, Rhode Island. He kept breaking his teeth, so it seemed we were trying new ideas every time I was there. This set lasted the longest until he swallowed half of it one night at a night club in Providence. The idea of this set alone was disturbing enough for me to give it a shot, and I do believe the outcome was very satisfactory.

It was Pete’s idea to put the ridge on the front teeth (seen in the light reflection), and it really made the teeth something to talk about when you saw them in person.

Stay tuned for its obvious female counterpart………… hee hee, need I say more?


BoweryBowery Fangs in Long Length

The Brooklyn fang style has always been a great seller, but time and time again people like to go to extremes. And that generally goes double for my furry friends. For all you Werewolves in New York and beyond, the Bowery style is for you.


Full Mouth – 8 or 10 pairsFull Mouth in Custom Lengths

Once you go fang crazy you just need it all. The Full Mouth Custom sets allow you to mix and match many of my most popular styles at will. I consider anything over 8 pairs in the mouth at once to be a “full mouth” because in all fairness it’s a bit too much for some people. If variety outweighs the need for virtually every tooth in your mouth to be a tongue or cheek bleeder, you may be inclined to split the fangs up into more accesible combinations such as the “Dnash Collection”, on sale at an amazing price through Halloween 2012.

Full Mouth in Custom Lengths Full Mouth in Custom Lengths  Full Mouth in Custom Lengths


RipperRipper in Long Length

Saint Peter upside down!!!!!!





Ripper DeluxeRipper Deluxe in Long Length

….with an extra set of lower bicuspids for good measure.





ThirstThirst in Long Length

Description forthcoming…..





GrowlerGrowler in Long Length

Description forthcoming……….


PreditorPredator in DL Length

Description forthcoming………




……and Custom Fangs are just the start of it.  Please check out my Other SFX Teeth.