custom fangs

Established in 1995, Teeth By Dnash has been striving to bring the
highest quality custom vampire fangs, werewolf fangs and other dental special effects from the film industry to the general public.

My custom made, custom fit fangs (click here for a wide variety of styles) are manufactured exclusively with Lang Dental acrylics, the same material used by dental labs in the manufacture of temporary crowns, partials, and  full dentures.  My colors are mixed to precisely match the shade of your natural teeth.  Combined, these two elements enable me to craft the most realistic and durable acrylic caps available to the general public.  The only limitation to the styles and sizes I can offer, other than any drastic natural oral impediment, is your imagination; YOU want it, I can do It!
The standard styles I offer vary from the basic, medium length”traditional vampire” style made popular by countless hollywood films, to the more animalistic “wolf” style,  and my trademark “dnash” set which has become popular amongst long-time clients.

All “sets” are made of individual caps, making it easy to switch from one look to another in an instant.   This also allows for simple “upgrades” to another style in the future.  All styles are available in any length for no additional cost.  Prices start at $125 USD per pair (2 teeth).

I am available for private appointments here in Connecticut, or through mail order for those who can’t make it to me.  International orders are always welcome .   Once in a while,  you may even catch me in YOUR neck of the woods.   Just check out my Fang Tour schedule to see when and where I’ll be.
Custom orders are always welcome, just send me a picture of what you’d like.
For further information about my custom fangs, sfx teeth, or any other services, you may find more resources on my FAQ.