about dnash

I began my career in the arts over 30 years ago as a musician. While this has been my lifelong vocation, I have always been actively pursuing all manners of art be they aural or visual.

In 1994, I began to experiment in custom fang making as a side interest. A year later I established Teeth By Dnash, a name that has now become household in the vampire community and beyond.

In 2005, a decade after establishing Teeth By Dnash as among the best custom fang producers available,  FANG TOUR was born. The idea was simple: bring the quality and value of Teeth By Dnash to the people rather than relying on the sometimes lengthy process of mail order.

As FANG TOUR 2012 begins, more locations are available than ever. please visit my online schedule to see if FANG TOUR plans to bite YOUR neck of the woods…….